John Yearsley d. 1918 Navy

Ordinary Seaman John Yearsley (J/782454). HMS Anchusa. Died 16th July 1918, aged 19. Son of Mary Jane Grundy, of 295, Whit Lane, Pendleton, Manchester. Born at Peel Green, Patricroft, Manchester. Commonwealth War Grave. Plymouth Naval Memorial. 27.

HMS Anchusa

HMS Anchusa was launched in 1917, an Anchusa Class Convoy Sloop, also known as a Fleet Sweeping Sloop, Flower Class. The Royal Navy Flower Class consisted of 39 vessels, deliberately built to designs which gave them the look of merchant ships, so that as well as mine-sweeping, they could serve as Q ships at need.

HMS Anchusa was 1290 tons, with a main armament of two 4" guns, two 12 pounder guns and depth charge throwers. A four cylinder triple-expansion steam engine, served by two cylindrical boilers gave a service speed of 16 knots. HMS Anchusa was torpedoed by a German submarine U-54 off the North coast of Ireland on 16th July, 1918. The majority of the eighty officers, men & boys were lost.