7th yDNA Test Ordered - Kit 183374 Yearsley

A 37 marker yDNA kit has been ordered for a participant with the surname Yearsley. The earliest known ancestor was Job Yearsley, born about 1720 in St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Over the next 2 generations, the line migrates to Cheshire, England. This line includes the famous wrestler Johnny Yearsley.

This test brings the total to 7 participants in the Yearsley yDNA surname study joining since it its launch in January 2010; 4 are from the Forest of Dean/Gloucestershire (incl Monmouthshire,Wales), 2 from Lancashire/Cheshire and 1 surname variation (Yeisley).

All detailed results and commentaries will be posted to the Yearsley myFamily.com hosted website. To view the results and participate in the discussions, please request membership.