Launch of Yearsley Surname DNA Website and 1st Test Ordered - Kit 165768

This New Year will see the launch of the first dedicated Yearsley research website. Created by long time Yearsley surname researchers, its aim is to extend the boundaries of our available resources and answer questions unobtainable through current physical historical document trails left by our ancestors. The website forms part of a larger scale effort to connect all the global Yearsley’s via a stronger online presence.

The first Yearsley genetic yDNA results are about to be received from FamilyTreeDNA and will shortly be analyzed. The results will be posted to the worldwide Yearsley surname member-only website hosted at (part of The site currently has 26 members and growing, and relies entirely on research contributions and input from its members. It is an excellent source of family trees, historical photos and general discussions.

As part of this campaign, we have also created genetic DNA surname interest group at, our chosen testing lab.

We would love to hear from anyone connected to the Yearsley surname that would be interested in taking a DNA test. More results will mean more meaningful interpretations.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year.