How Do I Participate in the Yearsley Genetic yDNA Study?
  1. Select A DNA Test Vendor:
    We have selected FamilyTreeDNA ( as our preferred DNA testing lab. This pioneering company holds the largest genetic DNA database in the world or nearly 300,000 records and 5,667 surname projects. Select a Y-DNA 37 or Y-DNA 67 male line testing kit. We recommend the Y-DNA 37 kit as a minimum to ensure meaningful results.
  2. Join the Yearsley Surname Project:
    We can email you a discount voucher and facilitate your application. Alternatively if you apply directly, link your results to the Yearsley surname project at FamilyTreeDNA to compare them with others. Optionally, also post your results to to expand your search. The system will email you any close matches to other contributors. If you are a member of, you can also post your results there free of charge.
  3. Results:
    The results, analysis and progress reports will be posted to the member-only Yearsley myFamily hosted website. To request membership, click on the Contact page explaining your connection to the Yearsley surname.

Other Ways to Help
  1. Promote the Yearsley yDNA Project:
    In order to get meaningful results, the more people who are tested the better. FTDNA recommend that at least 3 people from each branch need to be tested to corroborate results. Please promote the project by contacting family members and other Yearsley researchers about the merits of genetic yDNA testing.
  2. Donate Funds:
    For some, the cost of a yDNA test can be prohibitive. In certain cases existing members may choose to contribute towards the cost of a new prospect’s test. Please click the PayPal link below to donate generously to the Yearsley yDNA project. All funds will be transferred to FamilyTreeDNA, held in a reserve fund, and apportioned accordingly. If you are in need of subsidising the cost of your yDNA test, please click on the Contact page and request assistance.